Draw Rainbow Ninja GamePlay:

Draw Rainbow Ninja is an exciting game about drawing and action. You can call it a puzzle game or an action game. What you gonna do here is to help a ninja kill all enemies on a level. Your enemies can be Huggy Wuggy monsters or Rainbow friends. In each level, you draw only one line from you to enemies and that line must go through all enemies while avoiding obstacles. That line represents the path on which you attack. Once that line is finished, you will go along that line and kill each enemy. Remember that that line must not be broken. If it’s broken, instead of drawing again, you have to restart that level.

Like other level-based games that you have played at friv mobile, the difficulty increases as you advance. Your attacking path has to avoid obstacles. And if it’s possible, you should draw a line that goes through as many coins as you can. With coins, you can unlock new ninja skins as well as new weapons. By the way, those new skins and weapons won’t bring you anything special but they make the game more enjoyable. Your drawing skills will be tested. It’s rare to find such a drawing-puzzle game with action. So, don’t miss it and try your best to finish each level with only one try.

The more you play, the more you get into it. You won’t feel bored for sure. Of course, it’s fine if you fail. You can restart that level until you can finish it. Have fun and don’t forget that you can visit our site and play any game you like. Find your favorite ones by yourself or check out our suggestions Draw To Kill and Mighty Party: Doge Rescue.


Mouse or finger.

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