Draw The Weapon GamePlay:

Are you looking for a unique action game at https://friv.land/? Draw The Weapon is a perfect option for you. Don’t let its name make you confused. It’s not a pure drawing game. It’s related to drawing but it has something more that makes you hooked. Here, your opponent is waiting for you in the epic 1 vs 1 battle. Before entering the battle, you have to make your weapon first. Yes, you can make your own weapon and you make it by drawing.

In each level, you have to defeat an opponent with a specific weapon. You need to draw those weapons with limited ink. After your weapon is finished, you can start battling against your enemy. You can approach your target closely and hit him or throw the weapon at him. The aim is to push him off the arena.

Your opponent won’t get damaged after each attack but he will be pushed backward and when he fell off the arena, you win and you can move to the next level. However, if you’re pushed off the arena, you die and you have to restart that level. After each win in this friv games, you will get 100 coins. You can use coins to upgrade your power and ink.

With coins, you can also unlock new skins for your character even though those skins don’t give him any special skills. The key to winning the battle is to keep attacking. Don’t stop. Throw weapons or hit him directly whenever you have a chance. If you stop, it means you give your opponent a chance to beat you. Good luck and try other fun games on our site such as Tomato Explosion and Rotating Santa.

How to play: Mouse.