Virus Hit GamePlay:

The gameplay of throwing the knife or arrow at a target is available in so many games at friv best Games and here, we have another choice called Virus Hit. Virus have been dominating the world for too long. It’s time to sweep the virus out of this world and be back to our normal life. And it’s your duty. What you have to do to kill viruses and protect people is to throw syringes filled with vaccines at the virus.

However, the virus is tough. They need more than one dose of vaccine to be killed. So throw all syringes that each level gives you at the virus at the center of the screen to kill it. Make sure you don’t throw the later syringe at the previous one. Otherwise, the vaccine won’t work and the virus will be spreading wisely. Of course, the virus won’t stay still to wait for you to kill them. Some viruses in some levels constantly rotate. You will find it harder to throw a syringe at the target.

Here at https://friv.land/, to conquer this game, you can apply some tips as mentioned now. Firstly, click or tap as quickly as you can because when you hesitate in between throws, gaps between the syringes will be created. The more syringes stuck in the virus, the harder it will be for you to throw new ones. Secondly, when the virus changes rotating direction, stop throwing to predict where the next syringe will land. Finally, take your time to kill viruses. You need to observe the virus before throwing syringes.

As you process, the virus becomes tougher to be killed and you need more syringes but you can make it for sure. Enjoy it and explore more fun games such as Fun Point to Point Happy Animals and Iron Man.

How to play: Tap or click to throw syringes at viruses.

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