Hilly.io GamePlay:

If you feel that racing with your car is not as fun as before, then let’s try to race with your racing ball. Play Hilly.io online for free to get the highest score and conquer the global leaderboard to become the king of the hills. In this insanely addicting multiplayer online friv IO game, you have to compete against many people from all over the world to be the fastest ball globally.

As many race games out there, your ultimate goal is to be the first one who reaches the finish line. To do that, you have to be skillful and fast. The racing track isn’t flat and smooth. It’s created by various hills. The key points to win over other players is that you must use the hills to your advantage. It means you should land on descending ground to gain speed and quickly release the ball when it’s about to jump up again. Besides, don’t forget to collect diamonds along the way to buy essential upgrade packages and boost your racing ball to reach the victory easier and master this amazing game. In addition, you can unlock new skins for your ball. Diamonds are located quite high compared to the ground. To collect them, you must make the high jump.

As other players also want to be the winner, so they compete so hard to get their goals. It’s all about control your ball. Try several times and you will improve your skill. What is the highest position you won in the race? Have a great time! Click on http://friv.land and try more fun games such as Nightwalkers.io and Battlepoint.io.

How to play: Use your left mouse to control the ball.

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