Nightwalkers.io GamePlay:

The humanity is in danger. Most people on earth have been infected with a dangerous virus. This virus turns people to the zombie. You are one of the few who is not infected. Now, to protect your life, you must fight. However, you also have to compete against other survives to see who kills more zombies. In Nightwalkers.io - one of the best frivland IO games, you join an apocalypse-themed multiplayer battle, against other players around the world.

Before starting, you choose your favorite character. Each of them has their own strength. The woman has faster running speed and small hitbox, while the man has more health points, 1 HP per 30 seconds regen and average hitbox. After that, let’s start the show. The battlefield is filled with undead creatures. You must go around and pick up weapons as well as gear, health item. Your goal is to survive as long as you can and kill as many zombies as possible. Here, you also can craft traps to protect yourself and switch between the weapons you have collected. Watch out everywhere because these zombies suddenly appear anytime.

If your health drops into zero, you lose and have to join other battles. Sometimes, you face epic bosses. These things are strong and you will find it hard to kill them. Let’s use a powerful gun to shoot down these bosses. These dangerous creatures also chase you hard. So run fastly if needed. In http://friv.land/, a huge collection of IO game is available for you to choose from. You should check out these following options besides this one: Battlepoint.io and Knuckol.io.

Instructions: Arrow keys/WASD to move, Mouse to aim and shoot, E to craft, 1/2/3/4 to switch weapons.

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