Impostor Farm Killer.io GamePlay:

Impostor Farm Killer.io is a fun action-packed multiplayer io game that you can’t miss if you want to have a great gaming time with other online players. It’s one of the must-play io games at friv Games online. Here, your main objective is to build the strongest impostor team and conquer the first rank on the leaderboard. A match lasts 2 minutes and the number of players who join a match is unlimited. Right after you land on the farm, you have to move around to collect as much food as possible.

By eating food, your team will add more members and you can attack the team that has fewer members than yours. By doing this, all the members of the opponent’s team will be yours. That’s the fastest way to become the strongest. Besides food, you also can collect some useful items such as shields, X3, speed, and so on. The time to use these items is very short but enough to help you rank up on the leaderboard.

Here at https://friv.land/, the game also allows you to upgrade some stats including movement speed, start crowd, chance double clone, more clones after kill. With the coins that you earn after each match depending on your rank, you can upgrade these stats to have some advantages over your opponents. Remember that at first, you should stay far away from the teams that are much more crowded than your team. When you built a quite strong team, you can start hunting other teams and that’s so fun.

Devouring smaller teams is a faster way to build a mighty team than eating food. Don’t forget to claim daily rewards and achievements. What do you think about this game? It’s insanely attractive, isn’t it? and here are 2 equally interesting games for you to experience: Transporters IO and Princess on Run IO.

How to play: Mouse.