Roller coaster leap GamePlay:

Are you looking for a leisure game that can keep you hooked for hours? Here at https://friv.land/, we got Roller Coaster Leap for you. Do you want to go to me the amusement park? Some people will play safe on the merry-go-round and others go for the thrills on the roller coaster. It’s time to do something challenging. Everything about this game is simple, from control mechanics to gameplay. However, reaching a high score is not easy. You need to spend time practicing.

Your main objective is to survive as long as you can. You just need to click or tap on the screen and hold to make your character run forward. However, the railway is damaged. Some parts are not connected to each other. You have to jump over the gaps. If you fall, the game ends. You easily fall when you jump over the gap. You have to time your jump to avoid falling. Yes, jumping at the right time is the key to passing all the gaps in this friv Games for boys game.

With each successful jump, you get a new cart. Let’s see how far you can go and how many carts you can get when the journey stops. Depending on how far you go, you get some coins and with coins, you can unlock new skins in the store. When you touch or click, the cart will move forward but don’t worry if you release your hand, it won’t fall off the railway. It just slows down. So, sometimes, you can rest.

Have a great time on the roller coaster ride and don’t forget that so many games on our site can entertain you like this one such as Trolls Puzzle Jigsaw and Halloween Mahjong

How to play: Mouse.

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