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Shooting games always bring a satisfying experience to players. In such games, your main objective is the same but the way you reach that goal is different. That’s why if this genre is your favorite, you shouldn’t miss any choices of them and here at io-games, you have a lot of options to explore such as Shoter.io. Here, you will join an insanely intense and enjoyable battle where you fight against real players from all over the world. Before entering the fight, let’s name yourself with a cool name. At first, you have limited bullets and HP.

When you run out of bullets, the gun will be loaded automatically but if you run out of HP, you die. However, you can respawn and keep fighting in that battle. The key to winning is to strategize and plan your attacks as well as your defense moves. You can be attacked by several opponents from all directions and sides. You should look for a safe place to cover yourself to minimize the chance of getting shot. You can run around to seek your targets but make sure you always shoot them from a place that can protect you. Which type of attack do you prefer? Close combat or long-range sniping? Whatever your style, there's a weapon for you.

Depending on the type of gun you are using, each shot will cause the opponent to lose a certain amount of health. However, with a headshot, you can kill the target immediately. Don’t forget to log in to claim a daily reward and get some other awesome things. Enjoy your free time here and if you are looking for more Frivland shooter games, here are our suggestions for you Boxer.io and Falling Elevator.

Instructions: Arrow keys or WASD to move, the mouse to aim, and left-mouse to shoot.

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