WarehousePanic.io GamePlay:

Maybe inspired by Tetris game, WarehousePanic.io will give you a fresh as well as familiar gaming experience ever. You compete against 2 other players in building what you have to build. Why does it seem like Tetris? Because you have to arrange your blocks to dominate a board looks like a construction site. The first player has water blocks, the second player has wood blocks and the last one have house block.

Your mission is to place tetrominoes to form as many square blocks as possible and beat your opponents. Each game lasts for 60 seconds only but enough to make you feel the thrill of the building battle. Within one minute, you must act fast to fill the battlefield with different shaped blocks before the ship arrives in the lighthouse at friv games. If you find a spot doesn’t fit your block, you must move and find another suitable spot to place it. It’s all about the time. A player who is faster will have more chances to win.

This new type of Tetris game highly is competitive and offers a unique experience compared to the original. Let’s race against the clock and beat other players to climb to the top of the leaderboard. It can say that this is one of the most addicting, brain-teasing multiplayer online IO games combined with a puzzle game that you can find on http://friv.land/. Give it a try and you won’t waste your time on it but have an amazing moment ever. Act fastly, think wisely and beat all your opponent to prove you’re the best player. Enjoy! Have more fun with the following games: Foes.io and SalvageGuns.io.

Instructions: Simply use your mouse to place blocks in the grid.

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