Bird Trap Dx GamePlay:

Bird Trap is one of the most challenging games that you can find at friv games 2023. Its gameplay is insanely simple but you will find it insanely challenging to get a high score. So, your ultimate objective is to keep a bird safe as long as possible. The bird is surrounded by spikes. Everywhere are spiked. Above it, below it, on the left and the right are spikes. You need to help that bird land on the little safe spaces to make it bounce off and pick up the star.

A start is 1 point and each time the bird collects one star, the surrounding it will change. Besides, the difficulty also increases each time the bird gets a star. The bird always tends to fly downwards. To make it land or reach the star, you control the bird by clicking or tapping on the screen. By doing that, the bird will go up a little bit.

Make sure you time your click or tap to send it to the target destination. Once the bird crashes into the spikes or any obstacles, it dies and you have to restart the game. Why it is considered one of the hardest games at https://friv.land/? You will get the answer right after you click on the Start button. You have no time to rest.

You have to keep an eye on the bird and try your best to help it avoid all deadly obstacles. Pay attention and try hard to keep the bird safe and get as many points as possible. You can compete against your family members or friends, and find out who plays the best. Enjoy your time here and in other awesome games such as Pair To Collision and Rich Me Johnny!.

Instructions: Mouse.

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