Squary Bird GamePlay:

A square version of the famous flappy bird is here in Squary Bird at https://friv.land/. The mechanics and gameplay are simple. You just need to help a little square bird fly through as many pipes as possible just like what you do in that popular version. Here, your strongest enemy is gravity because the bird’s head is always down. You have to tap or click in the right pattern or the right number of times to make the bird go up and fly through the pipes while avoiding all the pipes.

You will see a lot of pairs of pipes. They have equally sized gaps placed at random heights. To go through each pair of pipes, you have to time your tap or click. If you tap or click too many times, the bird may crash into the upper pipe. If you tap or click too little, the bird may crash into the lower pipes because it automatically descends. The most important skill in this school friv game is timing your taps or clicks.

There is no time for you to rest. Once you click the Start button, you have to stay focused on the screen. Keep an eye on your bird to make sure that it will fly through each pair of pipes safely. With each pair of pipes conquered by you, you get one score. While flying, you can collect coins to unlock new birds. However, don’t put too much attention to coins because they may make you distracted.

Besides, the new birds don’t have anything special to help you go further and get a better score. Enjoy your journey and you can embark on a new adventure in some games like Math Alchemist and Hex Bomb - Megablast

Instructions: Tap or click.

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