Aliens Attack GamePlay:

Earth seems to be a very popular planet that many alien forces want to conquer. This time, the earth is under attack by one of the most powerful alien forces. You and a group of heroes are the last hope of humanity. The earth is safe or not depends on you. In Aliens Attack at Friv 2021, defeating the evil alien forces is your main mission. You help Ramdo, Bernie, Mr.Zee, Ivan, and Sgt. Pepper shoot down those invaders.

However, you won’t deal with them as a group. Just one of you jump to the battlefield each time while alien forces are crowded and fully equipped with advanced weapons. Before talking about protecting the Earth mission, can you survive their attack? Try it! The game just has 3 levels. However, they are insanely challenges and as you advance, the difficulty level doesn’t remain the same but it increases significantly.

On https://friv.land/, you have 3 lives in each level. Each time you get shot, you lose one life. You can earn bonus lives. However, it’s rare. You can see your process bar at the top of the screen. It’s divided into 3 parts as 3 levels. Before you move to the next level, you will face a boss. You automatically shoot at enemies. You just need to move around to avoid being shot and shoot at enemies accurately. You will earn money during the fight. Then, you can use the money to unlock new heroes and buy some power-ups that help you blow up those badasses.

Humanity's fate is in your hands. Good luck! After this game, why don’t you enjoy other choices such as Tank Battle and Bob and Chainsaw?


Turn left and right using left and right arrow keys accordingly.

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