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Rescue Machine is a fun and challenging puzzle game in which your mission is to help a man. This man is trouble. Sometimes, you find him under the rock, and sometimes, he is in a cage. Here at https://friv.land/, you have to build a rescue machine to save him. This game features hundreds of exciting and challenging levels with increasing difficulty levels.

Each level displays different parts of the machine and you need to connect all parts of the machine properly and bring the machine to a working position. Then. The stone will be lifted and the man will be saved. Every single level comes with a unique concept and multiple ways to complete it; therefore, you will never feel bored. Each level puts you in a different situation where the man is in different trouble. He can be shot by a robber. He can be crushed by a stone. His life can be threatened by something deadly.

No matter what trouble a man is in, you always have to find a way to rescue that man in this friv com school game. However, sometimes, it’s simple to take the treasure to the man. You don’t have to clear each mission within a given time but if you make a wrong move, the whole level is ruined. As mentioned above, making a machine isn’t a cup of cake. You may fail several times at a level. However, if you get stuck, you can use the hints that the game offers. Remember that before using any hints, make an effort to solve the puzzle yourself.

Enjoy hundreds of levels and don’t forget that hundreds of games are waiting for you to check out on our site. Some of them are Connect Animals : Onet Kyodai and Noob Archer

Controls: Mouse.

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